Ontario Association of Architects Headquarters

"Gottesman made an effort to really understand the spaces, some quite complex, in order to optimize sunlight and integrate artificial light. The lighting design solution in each case is energy-efficient, functional and attractive. Terrific work."

-David Fujiwawa, Principal, David Fujiwara Architect

★Illuminating Engineering Society (IES) Illumination Award of Merit
★ Illuminating Engineering Society (IES) Energy and Environment Award of Merit
★ Illuminating Engineering Society (IES) Controls Award of Merit
LIT Lighting Design Awards 2020 - Low Carbon Lighting
Sapphire Award for Design Excellence in Networked Lighting Controls for Energy Management
How Low Can We Go? The OAA HQ Daylight Challenge

Architect David Fujiwara Architect Electrical WSP Photography Michael T Photography & Design Inc.

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